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I hate clue

The title has nothing to do with the image but I wanted to add an image to make the blog post look nice. I hate the game clue because I solve the mystery and someone else takes all my clues and ends up solving the damn puzzle. I've been called a sore loser in many games but clue I don't care if I am a sore loser! I solved that puzzle and they got that win because of me! I will start posting more random blogs but that's it.

This image was shot before the year ended. I wanted a photo shoot with my dog Ellie. I wanted to be more festive with my pet since I'm the only one there for her now. I wanted to show appreciation to my dog and show her that I can be a little fun in being a parent. It was a rough 2022, I wanted to spend more money on her and show her everything that I can but it was tough on my own. My friends and family have been helping a lot with taking care of Ellie. She's been loving the people around her and it's only the beginning til she starts traveling. Just know I'll always love you my little corgi and we will do our best to make sure you have the best life.

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