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The MOnth of May

I finished another semester a CSUF and I'm wondering when I will ever finish. I wasn't the best student when I was younger. Well, I'm still not but I'm trying to get back at it. From a disqualified student to a community college student and back to being a Titan. Anyways, I started doing Grad shoots this month and I'm happy that my friends booked me but I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get much apart from that. I guess I just have to be patient for others to recognize my website. It's also bittersweet seeing all these grads because at a point it depresses me because I haven't got there yet. I'm taking the long road but if that's the plan, I have to accept it. This photo is of my girlfriend with some champagne and it came out pretty awesome. I'm happy that she's at the end of her undergrad, she's been stressing all throughout the semester. In the end, she loved her pics and I'm grateful for her reassurance in my photography. See you in the next post.

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