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Welcome to Haven Captures

Well, it only took a few years, but I have a website running again. I feel pretty accomplished that I finally finished this because I was procrastinating for the longest time.

I always felt something missing in my photography profession, and this was it. I always thought it was necessary to have a website for a freelance photographer/videographer to show our work and get noticed by many new clients.

I had so much support from friends and family. They gave me every reason not to give up, even on my most difficult days. I love them, and I thank them for giving me the motivation to continue my passion and finish this project.

Some stuff about me that's currently happening is I'm still a full-time college student, but I finally found what I want to do with my life. I eventually returned to Cal State Fullerton after going to community college. I recently had a road trip to Texas to pick up my very own corgi, and since then, I've been parenting her. There's a lot more I want to share, but I'll save those for other posts.

Have a good day!


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